about me, kornelija velickovic

I am an Artist, a mother, and an environmentalist. Tree lover, animal lover, a nature lover, a maker and veggie grower, who has long ago stopped using plastics.

Kikikovic Vegan Eco Food Wraps was born from a sincere desire to find and offer an alternative to single-use plastic wraps found in kitchens all over the world today.

I knew that the next generation needed to develop new habits that were sustainable for their health and the environment!

After watching a post of a whale who lay dying on the beach choking on plastic, I knew then I needed to take action and crying indeed wasn’t fixing that problem.

Therefore Kikikovic Vegan Eco Food Wraps was born.

The fear of doing nothing was more significant than doing something. I pride myself on sustainable practices that are good for our health, planet and the animals.

By each one of us making small changes to our daily habits, we have the power to reduce single-use plastic and improve our environment for our health, its animals, and future generations.