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Australian Vegan Certified

KikiKovic is the First Australian Food Wrap to be AUSTRALIAN VEGAN CERTIFIED.

We specialise in manufacturing reusable Plant Based Vegan Food Wraps and Plant based Olive Oil body soaps, that are environmentally friendly and locally handmade in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on products that are free of any animal ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic colours & fragrances, we are Palm Oil free and do NOT test our products on animals.

Reuse, Reduce & Recycle

Our premium vegan food wraps are designed to help households reduced their need for single use plastic and extend the life span of food.

Lovingly handmade, using only natural plant-based ingredients our wraps are an easy to use plastic alternative, and have a long life span (up to 12 months) embracing our commitment to REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE.

Our focus is to find ways to efficiently reduce our individual impact on the earth.

Following the principals of the three R Values, we create significant environmental change.

These easy to use wraps require little effort, simply use the warmth of your hands to manipulate them over bowls, leftover food or make a small pouch to pop in snacks, fruit or veggies. A effective way to extend the life span of your food and reducing unnecessary kitchen waste. A must for every child’s lunch box, healthy, environmentally friendly and stylish too.

Did You Know?

We Package our products using only 100% Recycled Paper  and our wraps are designed to be composted at the end of their life span, taking only 3 to 6 months to break down in your garden.

Living the Change

Living the Change is about taking active steps in our lifestyle choices, that embrace an understanding of how our habits impact the world we live in. Plastic is not only detrimental to our health, but also that of the planet and the animals. The truth is, there are many alternative and our plant based food wraps are one.

Made with 100% natural cotton, plant-based waxed, anti-bacterial jojoba oil, and naturally occurring tree extracts.

We are a proudly owned Australian business, that prides itself on local and handmade goods. At KikiKovic the expectation is to buy goods less frequently, to have your goods long lasting and for them to not be harmful to our planet.



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