At KikiKovic we believe that in order to create change we must play an active role in changing our habits, and create new ones that will usher in a more respectful way of being, for the the planet and all its inhabitants.

About Me

My name is Kornelija Velickovic and I founded KikiKovic – my own brand of Plant-Based Vegan reusable Food Wraps.

My Food Wraps are designed to be reusable, very long lasting and composted at the end of their life span. I choose plant based waxes that are cruelty free, palm oil free and NOT tested on animals.

The average family purchases approximately 24 rolls of plastic wrap and 1000 bags every year! By moving to reusable, we can eliminate this problem. I am passionate about our precious planet and believe we can live plastic-free.

Living the Change

In the modern world our need for acquisition, has created an environmental crisis; many of us feel separate from the world around us, and most of what we buy is wrapped in some kind of plastic. This plastic on our “stuff” endures for decades and all ends up somewhere!

Seeing a photo of a whale that had washed up – dead – on a beach, because it had choked on plastic, inspired me to focus on being part of the solution to this preventable crisis. That day I felt hopeless, but by founding KikiKovic I don’t feel as hopeless anymore.

I do believe that, by making small changes in our daily habits,  slowly – one day, one week, one month at a time – these small steps can create incredible change and shift the way we live. It’s time to tell a new story, the new story of our Stuff; one in which we focus on a healthy planet, healthy habits  and find a way to work together towards a more thoughtful approach in our buying habits, that comes from a deeper respect for the earth.

We have lived plastic free in the past and we surely can again.

KikiKovic – Living the Change