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The Importance of Garden and Community

Looking after our environment is not a solo job, nor do our responsibilities stop at the boundaries of our homes.

In order to have a healthy thriving community and Eco system we need to work together, relying on the strength and expertise of others, as well as our own.

In 2010, I was fortunate to work alongside some passionate, intelligent and creative individuals, who’s love of gardening forged lifelong friendships, and created an oasis we called ” The Community Garden”

Basket of beans picked from Jan's plot at the community garden

On this small unused plot of land, congregated locals, young, old and curious, who’s passion for growing food and plants in general has built strong community connections and share a wealth of information among each other and the public via workshops. It is now home to a thriving frog bog, a multitude of vegetables; that are regularly shared and an impressive selection of  heritage fruit trees, so yummy.  But more importantly, it is a place where we come together to share our values and love of the land. In these challenging times, Community Gardens are more relevant than ever. They demonstrate the importance of sharing knowledge. Of developing an understanding of the part we play in looking after our environment and creating safe places for members of  our communities to come together, to share and pass down their knowledge of gardening.

Raspberry fruit

So if you have a Community Garden in yourneighbourhood, when 2020 gets back on its feet, pay one a visit and ignite your passion for plants.

vegetable plot at Avondale Heights Community Garden


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