Natural Fire Starters


Natural Fire Starters great for both Outdoor and Indoor use.


These Fire Starters are terrific at starting even the most stubborn of fires. Each one burning for approximately 20 minutes,  we recommend you need two at most.

They are light weight water proof and easy to transport, making them perfect for those outdoor nature adventures.

Great for both indoor and outdoor fires. Each box contains 20 Fires Starters and is packaged in a recycled box that can be purpose or use as kindling in your fire.

How To Use

Easy to use, simply light the tip and place under kindling, a useful tip to a great fire is air circulation! So make sure there is plenty of it.

Apply the Three R,s

A KikiKovic we are driven to showcase how we can all implement sustainable practices together, and so we are always striving to finding ways we can reduce our waste, reuse what we have and where possible recycle. These Fire Starters our one way of apply all three principals, while still delivering a quality product. We hope you enjoy these Fire Starters, and hope they create many wonderful memories with family and friends, telling stories and enjoying the beauty of nature.