We recommend the following practices, because we want our Wraps to last as long as possible, and if you look after them they will look after you!

Washing is easy, just use a damp kitchen cloth or sponge to wipe clean and leave to dry. It is perfectly fine to run them under cold running water if preferred.

For those more stubborn STICKING problems like Avocado – Natures supper glue – Soak your wrap in a small amount of cold water for a few minutes to help it lift off.


Keep Wraps away for HEAT like –

    • The Microwave
    • The Oven
    • The Dishwasher
    • Hot water
    • The Washing machine

Detergent is fine to use, but a gentle soap is recommended.

What to Do when they get OLD

Wraps that are ‘older’ and loose some stick are still fine to use for many other things. We recommend trying to use them to wrap your soap in when traveling or when kids go to camp or to the pool. Wrap your cutlery and pop in your handbag and avoid the need for plastic takeaway cutlery when out and about. Get creative, the aim is for us all to find innovative ways to REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE our plastic waste.

Let us know what ingenious ways you have found to use your old wrap for a chance to receive some FREE KikiKovic Wraps.

Kikikovic vegan food wraps avocado pattern